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Introducing Kira Curtis

By |March 21, 2024|

If you've noticed our social media improve massively recently, it's down to one person: our latest team member, Kira Curtis. Based up north, Kira is a theatre researcher and maker with key interests in scenographic exploration of historic theatres, and contemporary community involvement for climate change. Having studied at the [...]

Ecostage goes to Thailand for Caring, Practicing, Crafting: Climate Dramaturgy in Performing Arts

By |March 14, 2024|

Ecostage co-director Paul Burgess is of two key UK facilitators for this 5-day workshop from BIPAM on creating climate-conscious performing arts projects: Caring, Practicing, Crafting: Climate Dramaturgy in Performing Arts. Alongside Paul, the workshop will present the work of Zoe Svendsen, a theatre practitioner advocating for Climate Dramaturgy in practice. [...]

Let’s take over the UK!

By |June 10, 2023|

Ecostage, in collaboration with the Society of British Theatre Designers’ sustainability working group, is running a 'takeover' of Hello Stranger, the UK professional exhibition at PQ, Hall 11, Holešovice Market, 2-6pm Sunday 11th June. The event is partly an expansion of Ecostage's talk and Q&A earlier in PQ, exploring [...]

Ecostage at PQ Ecoscenography Day

By |June 10, 2023|

Ecostage has been part of a fantastic day at the Prague Quadrennial dedicated to Ecoscenography and hosted by leading ecoscenographer Tanja Beer and Marianne Lavoie of Écoscéno. Three of the Ecostage directors - Andrea Carr, Mona Kastell and Paul Burgess - along with their colleague Alison Neighbour talked about [...]

Alison Neighbour – Beacons

By |August 24, 2022| Part Quest, part Performance, Beacons took place across a whole month in Folkestone in 2021, inviting audiences to seek out adventures and new encounters, before culminating in a co-built display of light and sound that could only work if the audience played their part. The story of eco-system interdependence was [...]

Andrea Carr – Stuck by HOAX

By |August 7, 2022| Andrea Carr is an artist, eco-scenographer, facilitator and Ecostage co-founder.  The design for ’stuck’ tells the story of ecological collapse through a subterranean landscape sculpted from abandoned festival camping equipment. Nature is represented as petrified and flowing forms, we do not know whether it is present, past or future.   [...]

Francesc Serra Vila – Let’s Go Out For A Walk?

By |August 7, 2022| LET'S GO OUT FOR A WALK? is a project specifically designed for elderly people; their local stories from childhood to the present, are eventually transformed in a performative and visual outcome different in every city. Shown here: A short trailer of LET'S GO OUT FOR A WALK? [...]

Tanya Beer – The Living Stage NYC

By |August 7, 2022| Dr Tanja Beer is an ecological designer, community artist and Senior Lecturer in Design at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Australia.  The Living Stage  The Living Stage combines stage design, permaculture and community engagement to create a recyclable, biodegradable and edible performance space. Part theatre and part [...]

Paul Burgess – Apples and Snakes: Plot 17

By |August 7, 2022| PLOT17: A hip-hop garden block party written and performed by Kenny Baraka for audiences aged 7+ Four pieces of woodEight nailsAnd a hammerSome compostA hand full of seedsAnd some waterA playlist and some speakers all you need to get you startedthen by the time that you finished you’ll know [...]

Jennifer Leach and Andrea Carr – Standing Tall

By |August 7, 2022| Standing Tall is a creative response to the loss of over 112 trees in one of Reading’s few green lungs.  A collaboration between artist, filmmaker and artistic director of Outrider Anthems. Jennifer Leach and eco-scenographer and Outrider Anthems associate, Andrea Carr.  In April 2022, Reading Borough Council granted planning permission – [...]

We Are Nature

By |October 27, 2021|

The inspiration for the costumes was a book that I wrote in 2016 called ‘Journey’. In the format of a continuous poem, the book tells the story of me walking[...]

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