If you’ve noticed our social media improve massively recently, it’s down to one person: our latest team member, Kira Curtis.

Based up north, Kira is a theatre researcher and maker with key interests in scenographic exploration of historic theatres, and contemporary community involvement for climate change. Having studied at the University of Hull, Kira has studied theatre and performance across various sectors specialising in set and construction, production management and directing. She currently works in e-commerce for an interiors company, but often volunteers for arts charities and initiatives like us. Through current and future projects, Kira is keen to utilise eco-scenography to involve local northern communities in sustainable arts. 

Here’s why she joined Ecostage, in her own words:

Having been sitting on the side lines of the arts community for a couple of years working full-time in ecommerce, I’m keen to jump back in to something that I am passionate about. It’s lovely to be a part of a community that combine my main two interests: climate change and the arts.

Being a part of a community like this, and being able to have real involvement, is my small way of advocating for change and preparing for bigger plans in the future.

We’re looking forward to seeing what those are!