Placing ecological thinking at the heart of creative practice

Welcome to Ecostage

Ecostage is a grassroots initiative founded by theatre designers that offers practical and creative ideas to green up practices in the performing arts sector and work together for change. A catalyst for individual and collective transformation, it provides a framework that offers multiple routes for change-making.

The site offers different ways to get involved and lots of free resources to use. Connect with the global Ecostage Community of future collaborators, add to a growing library of resources and contribute case studies that celebrate the aesthetic range and diversity of sustainably-produced work.

At the heart of Ecostage are the seven Principles. Available to read and download, these provide a roadmap for everyone at all stages of their eco-journey.

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Power of Pledging

You can pledge to the Ecostage Principles and help generate momentum for sector-wide transformation. View the pledge here:

Our Vision

Ecostage cultivates a holistic approach to making and sharing work that recognises the interconnectivity between creativity, ecology, sustainability, activism and well-being. We aim to be responsive, engaging and relevant in our advocacy and activism, remaining alive to feedback, change and growth.

‘[Ecostage] reframes sustainable practice in the theatre to highlight what it is in the first place: a question of principles.’ – Sustainable Theatre, Iphigenia Taxopoulou, Methuen Drama 2023

Latest News

Introducing Kira Curtis

If you've noticed our social media improve massively recently, it's down to one person: our latest team member, Kira Curtis. Based up north, Kira is a theatre researcher and maker [...]

Online Event: Reframing Film, TV, Art and Music

We're excited to share with you details of this event from our friends at the Environmental Thinking Institute: Online Event: Reframing Film, TV, Art and Music When: Tuesday 19 March [...]

Latest Case Studies

  • A Place at the Table - press photo

A Place At The Table

By |November 29, 2022|

The piece was conceived as an attempt to understand the eruption of violence in Burundi in 1993: a major factor in the lead up to the Rwandan genocide. A friend[...]

  • Sympoiesis: a bio inspired dance performance

Sympoiesis: a bio-inspired dance performance

By |September 14, 2022|

“Sympoiesis” is a bio-inspired dance performance. Coined originally by Beth Dempster, this term implied ‘multi-species making together.’ The performance emerges from the relationship between myself, a plant, a slime mould,[...]

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