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Helpful Information

Answering some questions and supporting the use of the website.

How do I use the site?2021-11-08T18:45:21+00:00

In the menu at the top of the page, you’ll find all the key elements of the site – About, Pledge, Community, Case Studies, Resources and My Account, which you can access after taking the pledge and registering.

These are all open and free resources. Once you’ve taken the pledge and registered, you can join Ecostagers’ Community, by creating your own profile, uploading your case studies, and downloading the Ecostage Stamp to use on your website and documentation. You can also download the Ecostage Guide to the Principles.

How do I use the pledge?2021-11-02T00:05:54+00:00

In the dropdown menu under Resources, there’s a downloadable Ecostage Guide to the Principles, which provides lots of detail, with things to consider, suggested actions and further reading. This is designed to help you put the pledge into practice. Feel free to use it as part of a production guide and to share it with colleagues. And please encourage others to join Ecostage’s global community!

How were the pledge points chosen?2021-09-12T21:27:13+00:00

The pledge points are re-envisioning of the principles from the 2015 Ecostage Pledge, which in turn was inspired in part by the Millennium Declaration. The new pledge points also come from our own practices, permaculture, ecoscenography and the work of many academics and practitioners. They are also influenced by the urgency and intersectionality of our times. We spent a year interrogating the various topics covered in order to create a usable set of principles that can be applied to projects. The pledge points and Guide have also been peer reviewed by a wide range of practitioners and thinkers.

Does it matter if I’m completely new to this?2021-09-12T21:27:20+00:00

No! This is for everyone and every stage of the journey. There are plenty of examples of things you can start doing in the Guide to the Principles. The Ecostagers’ Community can also help answer questions.

What if I don’t know how to turn these values into action?2021-09-12T21:27:26+00:00

This site contains a selection of resources to begin turning these values into practice. Please don’t feel you have to do everything. Start with where you’re at and give it a go.

Is there a minimum standard and is it monitored?2021-09-12T21:27:29+00:00

There is no minimum standard and your work will not be monitored. We offer the Ecostage Stamp in good faith to use on your documentation to help promote sustainable practices.

Can I make suggestions?2021-11-02T00:13:53+00:00

We welcome all feedback and continually want to improve the site, which is ever-evolving and improving. So please get in touch!

How do I add resources?2021-11-02T00:23:03+00:00

Click on the ‘submit new resource’ [Link] button to add any resources you’d like to see in the resources. This could be your own organisation or other useful websites you may have come across from round the globe.

How do I contact community members?2021-11-02T00:22:48+00:00

Due to GDPR we do not share personal data. To contact another member of the community, please use their website link on their community profile page.

Is Ecostage free?2021-11-02T00:23:17+00:00

Ecostage membership and the website content are freely available, contributing to the creative commons as we believe that knowledge should be accessible to all.

Ecostage is a not for profit organization run by volunteers. As such, we do encourage companies of more than 2 people especially to donate to help support the initiative, run workshops, create new resources and grow the website.

How can I donate?2021-11-02T00:23:11+00:00

On the homepage, click on the ‘DONATE’ button that will open a Paypal link to donate. A choice of one-off or monthly payment is available. We suggest donating proportionally to what you can afford. Thank you for your support.

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