Power of Pledging

Be part of the collective momentum for sector-wide change. Pledge to the Seven Ecostage Principles. Take action.

Below is an overview of the Seven Ecostage Principles, which you can pledge to.

Here are links to a full version of the Principles and a downloadable Introduction to the Principles.

The Seven Principles identify key ideas that we can all use, and steps we can take to contribute towards regenerative cultures to help develop conditions for ongoing renewal and restoration, and promote justice, equitability, compassion and cooperation in order to create the conditions for more resilience, diversity and thrivability for all.

At-a-glance diagram of the intersecting Seven Ecostage Principles

A ring of seven circles representing the 7 ecostage principles. The text in the image is the same as text below.

Pledge Text Summary

1. Implement the 7 Rs

Principle: Sustainability

2. Run the Marathon Not the Sprint

Principle: Wellbeing

3. Nurture Nature

Principle: Interconnectivity

4. Cultivate Co-Creation

Principle: Creativity

5. Be a Changemaker

Principle: Transformation

6. Grow a Deeper Democracy

Principle: Inclusivity

7. Build Positive Legacy

Principle: Regeneration

How to Pledge

Four simple steps to take the Ecostage Pledge:

  • Join the Ecostage Community and set up your profile. This gives you options to take the pledge, as well as adding to the Resources and Case Studies pages.

  • After you’ve joined the community, just click on the Pledge link in the top menu. This will now take you to an interactive page where you can tick the boxes and take the Pledge.

  • ‘Ecostage Pledger’ will appear by your name on the Community Page and your Ecostage Community profile.
  • You now have access to a folder (under My Account) with the Ecostage Pledge Stamp in different colourways and formats for use on your emails, invoices, website etc.

To start the pledging process, click below: