Ecostage has been part of a fantastic day at the Prague Quadrennial dedicated to Ecoscenography and hosted by leading ecoscenographer Tanja Beer and Marianne Lavoie of Écoscéno. Three of the Ecostage directors – Andrea Carr, Mona Kastell and Paul Burgess – along with their colleague Alison Neighbour talked about how ‘Our spheres of influence are greater than we think’, exploring acts of ‘care and responsibility. They shared examples of their work ranging from material-led design, to providing advice and training, from the importance of wellbeing importance to the power of working with the public.

Facilitating change can look many ways, and we were keen to show how we – as designers in particular and creatives in general – can take smaller steps and longer leaps whilst holding the bigger vision.

As both independent practitioners and a group initiative, we provided a unique perspective, and as UK-based practitioners, we were also able to update our international colleagues on what’s happening in the UK, while acknowledging our sometimes problematic positionality.

It was an honour to be part of this prestigious event, to learn from our peers around the world, and contribute to an exciting and rapidly expanding global conversation. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity.

If you’d like to continue this conversation beyond PQ, please consider joining the Ecostage community. We are also part of a ‘takeover’ of the UK professional exhibition on Sunday afternoon, and we’d love you to join us for that.