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Hannah Myers

Ecostage Pledger



Can you tell us something about yourself?

I graduated from studying Performance Costume BA (Hons) at Edinburgh College of Art. I'm an artist with a strong desire to make the world a more connected place through creating ecologically conscious performance art that encourages a stronger bond between people and nature.

What was the turning point when you became ecologically aware and decided to take action?

I have always lived in a household where nothing is wasted. From making sure every morsel of food is eaten, to repairing our clothes with patches and new buttons, to using waste packaging and found objects for our school projects and other creative endeavours, our mindful, loving actions come from a sense of respect for the Earth and all that she provides. I first became vividly aware of the climate emergency in 2006 at 8 years old when I learned that there are holes in our Earth’s ozone layer due to air pollution. From then on I have grown increasingly aware of humankind’s duty to respect our planet and our need to think carefully about what negative effects our polluting habits have on our Earth’s entire ecosystem: ourselves included. At university I noticed so many art materials and large fabric scraps going into the waste bin, so I made sure that my eco-conscious ways of creating were shown in my sketchbooks, evaluations and presentations to encourage others to make the most of their materials too. As I find more like-minded people and professionals determined to make the necessary changes in their life and practice to give humankind a sustainable future, I too have gained the confidence to find more ways to live, design and create that respect our fragile ecosystem —rather than being forced to compromise this respect in order to follow systemic trends and meet unhealthy deadlines and unrealistic demand.

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