Ecostage, in collaboration with the Society of British Theatre Designers’ sustainability working group, is running a ‘takeover’ of Hello Stranger, the UK professional exhibition at PQ, Hall 11, Holešovice Market, 2-6pm Sunday 11th June.

The event is partly an expansion of Ecostage’s talk and Q&A earlier in PQ, exploring how ‘Our spheres of influence are greater than we think’, looking at picking up the opportunities in our lives as creative practitioners to make a difference, and partly a chance to share the work of the SBTD working group, and learn from peers around the world. But it’s also a very open forum to talk about things relating to sustainable practice in the performing arts.

The UK exhibit itself is a good example of eco-design, with almost every element borrowed or repurposed, and then going on to a future life beyond PQ.