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Case Studies

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Sharing Experience

Add your voice to a growing archive. Contribute a shorter reflection or a longer, in-depth case study to the collective understanding of sustainable creative practice. Be inspired.

A Place At The Table

By |November 29, 2022|

The piece was conceived as an attempt to understand the eruption of violence in Burundi in 1993: a major factor in the lead up to the Rwandan genocide. A friend[...]

Sympoiesis: a bio-inspired dance performance

By |September 14, 2022|

“Sympoiesis” is a bio-inspired dance performance. Coined originally by Beth Dempster, this term implied ‘multi-species making together.’ The performance emerges from the relationship between myself, a plant, a slime mould,[...]

We Are Nature

By |October 27, 2021|

The inspiration for the costumes was a book that I wrote in 2016 called ‘Journey’. In the format of a continuous poem, the book tells the story of me walking[...]

Net Zero West End

By |August 5, 2021|

The project is an ongoing attempt to frame my learning and ideas around theatre production and sustainability, both in practical and thematic terms. It is unusual for a project in[...]

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