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Alison Neighbour – The (Future) Wales Coast Path 

By |April 21, 2023| Documentary of an year long creative community exploration of the Gwent Levels and the Indian Sundarbans, considering the shifting relationship between land and sea, and how we might adapt as sea levels rise. The (Future) Wales Coast path was created by artist Alison Neighbour, with support from producer Elen [...]

Helen Storey – A Dress for Our Time

By |August 7, 2022| Helen Storey MBE, RDI is Professor of Fashion and Science at London College of Fashion, artist, researcher and Artist in Residence at Za'atari refugee camp, Jordan. ‘Art, fashion, science, design, climate, migration and wonder -  Helen Storey's Dress for Our Time installation has travelled from St Pancras to [...]

Metta Theatre – Three Songs from HouseFire the Musical

By |August 7, 2022| Official music videos from:  HouseFire | AN ECO ROCK MUSICAL Listen to the album on Spotify: And other streaming platforms: I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if our house is on fire. Because it [...]

Francesc Serra Vila – Let’s Go Out For A Walk?

By |August 7, 2022| LET'S GO OUT FOR A WALK? is a project specifically designed for elderly people; their local stories from childhood to the present, are eventually transformed in a performative and visual outcome different in every city. Shown here: A short trailer of LET'S GO OUT FOR A WALK? [...]

Helen Storey – LOVECOATS Project with the TIGER girls

By |August 7, 2022| Working alongside the refugees, Professor Helen Storey's Dress For Our Time projects continue to evolve at Za'atari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Helen Storey MBE, RDI is Professor of Fashion and Science at London College of Fashion, artist, researcher and Artist in Residence at Za'atari refugee camp, Jordan.

HandMade Theatre – Creating WilderNests: Sustainable Theatre

By |August 7, 2022| Sustainability at HandMade Theatre HandMade Theatre use live performances and creative therapy approaches to bring experiences of wonder and joy to children and communities across the UK. We perform at festivals, theatres and community spaces and deliver bespoke projects for people who need more support, happiness and confidence in their [...]

Jennifer Leach and Andrea Carr – Standing Tall

By |August 7, 2022| Standing Tall is a creative response to the loss of over 112 trees in one of Reading’s few green lungs.  A collaboration between artist, filmmaker and artistic director of Outrider Anthems. Jennifer Leach and eco-scenographer and Outrider Anthems associate, Andrea Carr.  In April 2022, Reading Borough Council granted planning permission – [...]

Francesc Serra Vila – Recall

By |August 7, 2022| RECALL is a testimony of the confined lives we lived in during the lockdown, with memories and hopes travelling from the past to the future, and from one corner to another corner of the world.

Metis Arts – World Factory

By |August 7, 2022| MADE IN CHINA. SOLD IN BRITAIN. WORN BY YOU. From the factory floor to the catwalk, from Shanghai to London, World Factory weaves together stories of people connected by the global textile industry. Riffing on our awareness of mass production and vulture capitalism, Zoë Svendsen and Simon Daw invite you to [...]

Chrys Salt – Two Climate Change Poems

By |November 8, 2021| Chrys Salt, MBE is an award-winning  poet with roots deeply planted in the theatre. She is Artistic Director of The Bakehouse Community Arts and the BIG LIT Festival based in Scotland.

Littleweed Music – Two Songs for COP26

By |November 8, 2021| Two Songs for COP26 Music and musings of independent improvisation musician camillacancantata. Camilla has worked as a theatre musician, musical director and in many community music projects over the years. In 2000 she co-founded Footloose Community Arts, creating work in response to environmental issues through acts of communal creativity: [...]

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