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I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if our house is on fire. Because it is.

– Greta Thunberg 2019

HouseFire is a new British musical – part gig-theatre, part song cycle.


A trio of endangered animals form a band to protest against the climate and ecological crisis. Just because they’re animals doesn’t mean this is Disney. Leo the snow leopard lead singer is raging against the annihilation of their world, Ginger the Orangutan on keys has her own tale to tell about how deforestation has destroyed her family, while Alan the elephant is keeping time on the drums. But their newly formed band ‘HouseFire’ is under threat from their corporate capitalist manager who wants them to pander to the capitalist system they are so keen to destabilize. On the face of it entering Britain’s Got Talent seems like a great way to reach more people with their message, although it puts a strain on the already fractious relationships between them, and is it all just too little too late…

In “Miles and Miles,” Ginger, an orangutan and band member of HouseFire, thinks back on her childhood with her mum and the miles and miles of green she used to see. But the green that used to be there is now just dust due to palm oil deforestation. Ginger is traumatized by the fact that 3,000 of her kind are killed every year.

In “Remember,” Alan, an Elephant and band member of HouseFire, remembers his childhood with his little brother JoJo, and the rest of the herd. But now they are dead, all of them, dead, and all that’s left is memories. 80% of elephant habitat is gone, they are still shot for their ivory and they have to walk greater and greater distances to find water, due to climate change. Alan implores us all to remember, before it’s too late…

Fierce, frenetic and fun – this gig-theatre musical from award winning writers P Burton- Morgan (In the Willows, The Rhythmics) and Felix Hagan (Operation Mincemeat) will light a fire inside your belly.

Inspired by & dedicated to Greta Thunberg, Isra Hirsi , Helena Gualinga and Ridhima Pandey and every young person working for change.


Book & Lyrics by P Burton-Morgan

Music by Felix Hagan

Video directed by Philip Clyde Smith and P Burton-Morgan;

Director of Photography by Mattia De Collibus

Editing by Philip Clyde Smith

Design by Will Reynolds

Performed by Eleanor Kane

Supported by Arts Council England.