Sustainability at HandMade Theatre

HandMade Theatre use live performances and creative therapy approaches to bring experiences of wonder and joy to children and communities across the UK. We perform at festivals, theatres and community spaces and deliver bespoke projects for people who need more support, happiness and confidence in their lives.

Every project is unique and engage audiences in usual ways. Our work is immersive, interactive and interdisciplinary. 

HandMade Theatre are a company dedicated to sustainable practise as part of our core values. This includes using sustainable materials as much as possible, handcrafting beautiful sets and puppets that have a long life and reusing our resources for multiple tours, shows and projects.

WilderNests is an original show created by our talented team which really celebrates our sustainable ethos and working practises. This video explores how we made the show, the nature inspired theme, the crafting of animal puppets, a repurposed set and how we have gone on to use the resources from the show to support our community work.