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Alison Neighbour – Inter/Tidal

By |April 21, 2023| Exploring intertidal space with young people on the Indian island of Sagar - part of a Wales Arts International funded project by artist Alison Neighbour, in collaboration with Kolkata based company Ranan. Artists working on Sagar are Prarthana Hazra, Amlan Chaudhuri, Vikram Iyengar, Debashree Bhattacharya, and Kunal Chakraborty. Film [...]

Alison Neighbour – The (Future) Wales Coast Path 

By |April 21, 2023| Documentary of an year long creative community exploration of the Gwent Levels and the Indian Sundarbans, considering the shifting relationship between land and sea, and how we might adapt as sea levels rise. The (Future) Wales Coast path was created by artist Alison Neighbour, with support from producer Elen [...]

XR Families – Letters to our Children

By |September 10, 2022| "None of us deserve to have our future stolen" This moving short film 'shows parents' confessions of fear and hope to their children as climate crisis intensifies'. Letters to our children, a powerful and emotional new video from Extinction Rebellion Families, offers a heartfelt message of love and grief [...]

Alison Neighbour – Beacons

By |August 24, 2022| Part Quest, part Performance, Beacons took place across a whole month in Folkestone in 2021, inviting audiences to seek out adventures and new encounters, before culminating in a co-built display of light and sound that could only work if the audience played their part. The story of eco-system interdependence was [...]

HandMade Theatre – Creating WilderNests: Sustainable Theatre

By |August 7, 2022| Sustainability at HandMade Theatre HandMade Theatre use live performances and creative therapy approaches to bring experiences of wonder and joy to children and communities across the UK. We perform at festivals, theatres and community spaces and deliver bespoke projects for people who need more support, happiness and confidence in their [...]

Jennifer Leach and Andrea Carr – Standing Tall

By |August 7, 2022| Standing Tall is a creative response to the loss of over 112 trees in one of Reading’s few green lungs.  A collaboration between artist, filmmaker and artistic director of Outrider Anthems. Jennifer Leach and eco-scenographer and Outrider Anthems associate, Andrea Carr.  In April 2022, Reading Borough Council granted planning permission – [...]

Simon Daw – Unknown Forest

By |August 7, 2022| A bird sings a beautiful song in the forest to attract his companion who still hasn’t arrived from her long journey. Venture into the unknown and help solve the mystery of the lost bird with this intriguing adventure for curious woodland dwellers. Unknown Forest was an interactive outdoor event taking [...]

Three Poetry Videos from Cece’s Speakeasy – Call and Response

By |August 7, 2022| In July 2031… An event took place in a secret location in South East London. It was an act of creative resistance against climate and environmental injustice using live music, spoken word, storytelling and cutting-edge visuals… Cece’s Speakeasy. Apples and Snakes invited emerging artists from across England [...]

Same Boat Theater – The Day Everyone Decided to Stop

By |November 8, 2021| Same Boat Theater: The Day Everyone Decided To Stop by Max Wilkinson directed by Piyush Kumar Same Boat Theater Collective is an environmental justice theater company based in San Francisco, USA. The voices and images in the video are those of theater artists from the U.K., India and the [...]

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