A wonderful outdoor installation piece in collaboration with Fairtrade with the students at AUB earlier this year 2022. Students used the Theatre Green book throughout the project and the film then featured as part of Fairtrade Fortnight.

The film is introduced by Adele Keeley, Senior Lecturer BA Performance Design and Film Costume and & BA Costume and Performance Design at Arts University Bournemouth.

This film outlines a project created by Performance Design and Events Management students from Arts University Bournemouth (AUB). Working in collaboration with Fairtrade the film showcases a series of installations telling stories about the farmers that grow the crops that make the food we eat and the clothes we wear. It highlights the environmental impact of mass farming and the steps that organisations like Fairtrade are doing to work with the farmers knowledge of land and soil to reduce the environmental impact. With a strong emphasis on sustainability the students worked towards the Theatre Green Books base line standard to create the work from 50% recycled or repurposed materials and recycle, reuse or repurpose up with 65%. The student smashed these targets with many of the groups hitting in the region 80% in the post production phase. Sustainability is at the heart of the Performance Design curriculum at AUB and students now have to write a sustainability plan as a standard part of all projects.


Designed and created by: 2nd year students BA (Hons) Performance Design, AUB
Event Management: 1st Year student BA (Hons) Events Management, AUB
Project Co-ordinator: Adele Keeley, Kevin Chambers and Neil Baker (Senior Lecturers, AUB)
Film and Editing: Jon Beal and Richard Tarr