We’re excited to share with you details of this event from our friends at the Environmental Thinking Institute:

Online Event: Reframing Film, TV, Art and Music

When: Tuesday 19 March 2024, 7:30pm to 9pm GMT

Where: online on Zoom

How: register on Eventbrite or via www.atulsearth.co.uk/institute

Details: the Environmental Thinking Institute (ETI) is a think tank that hosts open discussion sessions on environmental concepts. It aims to advance environmental thinking, leading to advanced environmental action. For further background about the ETI, visit: www.atulsearth.co.uk/institute

The topic of this ETI session is how we can reframe the creative industries as tools to influence major environmental action.

Starting with guest performers and speakers, we will then go into smaller Breakout Rooms on Zoom, in order to discuss the topic in more depth, before feeding back to the wider group.

Guest performers and speakers for this ETI session are:

Hazel Mei, Song Writer and Artist

James Fair, Filmmaker and Lecturer from Bournemouth University

Zoe Fitchet, Wildlife Conservation Artist

Sunny Luwe, Pop Soul Artist

We will also share useful resources, and thoughts about how to follow up and take further action.

ETI sessions are open to all: you can turn up alone, or bring friends or colleagues to join the discussion. Previous ETI sessions have been a mixture of people attending for professional and personal interests in the topic.

ETI sessions are supportive discussion spaces intended for live interaction on Zoom during the Breakout Rooms. However, some people like to just listen in, and that’s ok too!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Atul Kumar

Founder and Host

Environmental Thinking Institute