The SBTD Sustainable Design Working Group is producing a guidebook to sustainable materials for use in theatre design. They want to collate together a series of fact files that outline information about sustainable materials and how they may be used in theatre.

They would like each contributor to research and produce one fact file about one material or material process. The fact file does not need to be longer than one or two A4 pages. It can be larger if preferable, and the contributor can produce multiple fact files if they so wish. At the beginning of each fact file, there will be a summary of key facts about the material, but it is up to each contributor as to how they research and present it.

We encourage a creative and visual approach. For example, a fact file may include photographs of the making process of a biomaterial, detailed drawings that show how a material may be used on stage or maps showing the geographical origins of a material. They are open to ideas and ways of making the guidebook an interesting, accessible document filled with useful approaches and ideas about materials in the context of scenographic design.

If you’d like more detail, Hamish Muir, who is leading the group’s work on this guide, wrote about it for the SBTD website.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please email the working group.