Tina Louise Jones

Ecostage Pledger


Set & Lighting Designer, Film/Stage/Exhibits, Installation Artist, photography, Research and Development, Documenting



Can you tell us something about yourself?

I am a Set, Lighting and Costume Designer for theatre and film, and Freelance Exhibit Designer by trade. By day I'm a Technical Design Manager. You may say that my life is surrounded by Creative Design. I am truly passionate about my work and believe myself to be very lucky to be in an industry that allows me to live design. I enjoy all aspects of my job, my favorite stage of any project is working with the director or business leader, collaborating and sharing ideas in order to understand his or her objective and desired creative outcome. As we go through the process from initial ideas, doodles on napkins to finished drawings, renderings or models, to finished design and live performance – I know I’ve made the right career choice. Even after 25 years I thrill on opening night, walking into a transformed space or shipping our new creatives. The magic is not lost and I hope it never will. I hold an MFA in Lighting Design from The University of Connecticut, a BFA in Design for the Theatre from Concordia University in Montreal and a DEC (College Diploma) in Interior Design form Dawson College in Montreal. Before joining addisplay, I was an exhibit designer for DisplayCraft exhibit house, for many years before that I had the pleasure of teaching set and lighting design at both The University of Connecticut and Wesleyan University in CT – and have been very fortunate to have worked internationally in theaters in Canada, the United States, Italy and Romania. Earned credits on Broadway, off off Broadway, and nominated in 2013 for best set design by Broadway World CT for "Of Mice and Men". TLJ's Motto: be Focused, be Connected, be Current, be Grounded, be Positive, be Eco friendly, always strive to say "Yes I can".

What was the turning point when you became ecologically aware and decided to take action?

Ecologically friendly has been part of my upbringing, so I would say it started when I was a child. As well as my Concordia University education in the mid 90’s, where I learned that creativity is best when you have very little, any and all items reused or repurposed, ‘Redesigned’ created most times the biggest creative impact without breaking the budget or taxing our environment. The 7R’s are creative!

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