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Eric Miller

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Can you tell us something about yourself?

The Only Animal creates immersive work that arises from a deep engagement with place. The natural world is our media: water, sand, snow and ice and trees. We mix this media with theatrical adventurism, and a love of the extreme. Our work seeks to re/connect our human nature with Nature. Here we forge new ways of understanding of how to be on earth.

The Only Animal is only Human, we strive to make theatre in a way that is sustainable, joyful and treads lightly on the earth. We work inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility in our organization, with our artists, and our audiences.

We act on huge stages: the forests, the ocean, human possibility. There we find enormous challenges of the times, including the climate challenges that threaten our existence as a species. We seek creative ways forward and solutionary actions. We have broad shoulders and the ability to undertake ambitious projects. We love the impossible. We create theatre to thrill the blood, stir the soul and revitalize the planet.

What was the turning point when you became ecologically aware and decided to take action?
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