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Ba(Hons) Theatre and Performance Design from LIPA


Upcycled Costume and Garment Making, Touring Ecological Set Design



Can you tell us something about yourself?

Theatre and Performance Designer, Digital Designer, Artist, Nerd, and problem solver. Creating is in my blood. Now is a crucial time to choose a conscientious designer for your next project, and that could be me. Hi! I am Grace, 24 years old and from Stockport, though I now live in Warwick. In 2022 I graduated from The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts Theatre and Performance Design course with a 2:1. I have faced the challenges COVID-19 threw at the education and performing arts sectors head-on. Now, I aim to help bring the incredible stories born from this time and prior – to life. Most of all, I love making and learning how to make! Making something is one of the most fulfilling feelings in life. It’s in my blood. I hope we can make something amazing together.

What was the turning point when you became ecologically aware and decided to take action?

During my time at university was the first time I encountered the throw away culture of theatre. Purely due to a lack of storage, sets were produced from new materials, used for up to 4 days of performances, then skipped, on repeat all year round. Although there is a costume store, the range of sizes available and the encouragement for designers not to reuse old stock means the mountain just keeps piling until items have to be sold to students or thrown away.

The lack of questioning to these methods inspired me to research ecological design and sustainable theatre practices. At least, just to give me hope that this isn't the only way. That's when I found Tanja Beer's book on sustainable theatre design and I have been trying to find way in which to improve my own methods and take action ever since.

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