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Can you tell us something about yourself?

Officially founded in 2010, although it existed as a student company and then a fringe company several years prior to that, Daedalus makes high-quality, socially engaged, publicly accessible work that explores a wide range of contemporary issues across multiple artforms. It is committed to bringing together arts professionals and community members in innovative and meaningful ways. A Tower Hamlets-based, LGBTQ-led charity, it aims to give people from all walks of life the space and support to develop their creativity and self-expression. Key projects include: Selfish - The Arches Glasgow and CPT London A Place at the Table - CPT, Amnesty International and Southwark Cathedral, all in London East, a storytelling project for East London - performances and workshops at numerous festivals and events in East London, and online. Gerrard Winstanley's True and Righteous Mobile Incitement Unit - Brixton City Festival, Queen Mary University, Poplar Union and the Freedom and Independence Theatre Festival, all London, and Latitude Festival. More tour dates planned for 2024 Dysbiosis (working title) - in development at Queens Theatre, Hornchurch

What was the turning point when you became ecologically aware and decided to take action?

A Place at the Table, a piece made with asylum seekers that placed conflicting accounts of the 1993 Burundi coup side-by-side, then explored the performers' own responses to the material before finally bringing the audience into the conversation, showed us how we can make work that's deeply democratic and that engages in a meaningful way with the wider world. This approach is very much informed by ecological thinking, with an emphasis on human connectivity at personal, social and political levels. We've continued to explore this ever since. More recently, we have started to look at ecology, including queer ecology, as a theme as well as an approach, especially through our current work-in-progress project Dysbiosis.

Case Studies
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