Ms Xiao Ting Ang [She/Her]

Ecostage Pledger


foodways, food and sustainability, international collaboration, theatre, site-responsive performance, theatre and community, ecoscenography



Can you tell us something about yourself?

Xiao Ting is a freelance Singapore-based hyphenated theatre practitioner. Her various roles include: actor, director, movement-based performer, dramaturg, educator and interdisciplinary collaborator. Her works have been shown in: Australia, Japan, Shanghai, Taiwan and the U.K. She is an Associate Artist with The Theatre Practice (Singapore) and Programmer for Practice Tuckshop. Her practice is informed by the intersection of theatre/performance with field research and community collaboration to advocate for social innovation and change. Along with FERRY, she was a recipient of the Experimental Micro-Fellowship 2021 (Performance Space, Sydney). She was selected for the Asian Performing Arts Camp 2021 (Tokyo Festival). Her practice in Eco-Theatre considers the various degrees of an integrated ecological practice, such as Digital Theatre and context-specific green practices. These theatre performances are created in collaboration with researchers, gastronomists, farmers, botanists and scientists. Her current research interest is on the systems that organise the world through food, with a focus on Southeast-Asian cuisine and culture. As a programmer for Practice Tuckshop, she is engaged in a series of projects that advocates for community life and green practices. One such project is: ‘Recess Time’ – a communal lunch advocating creative approaches to utilising rescued fruits and vegetables. ‘Recess Time’ received an 'Honourable Mention' at #CreateCOP27 - an global open call for art that responds to the climate emergency in conjunction with COP27. Xiao Ting is a recipient of the Singapore National Arts Council Undergraduate Scholarship. She graduated from Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts (LICA), Lancaster University, UK, where she received the LICA prize for Outstanding Achievement in Theatre.

What was the turning point when you became ecologically aware and decided to take action?

I started volunteering at Food Rescue organisations in Singapore 6 years ago and I've not looked back since.

Case Studies
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