Planting Ideas

Welcome to Ecostage: a go-to place for practical guidelines, ecological values and the exchange of knowledge helping place ecological thinking at the heart of creative practice for a fair, flourishing greener future in the performing arts.

What is Ecostage?

Ecostage is a grassroots initiative for the performing arts that embeds ecological thinking at the centre of the creative process, from start to finish.

Ecostage provides an exciting model for new ways of working and creating. It highlights the importance of taking united action, rather than disconnected steps, and looks to support the performing arts sector in radically repositioning itself for the sustainable journey ahead.

Ecostage believes in a holistic sustainability where everything is interconnected. It acknowledges that there can be no environmental justice without social justice by advocating Wellbeing, Nature Connection and Social Justice as interconnected values. It is about sustainability in the performing arts and the relationship between ourselves, others and Nature.

Ecostage is a multi-layered tool to help bring ecological thinking to your practice with practical, cohesive steps towards ecological regeneration. At its heart is a pledge: a public act of commitment to a set of ecological principles. It encompasses a set of guiding principles to apply to your production, an online pledge with a downloadable logo to use on documentation as a declaration of intent, and a library of inspirational resources, including case studies incorporating diverse and global practices. These not only provide individuals and organizations with an intellectual and practical  framework for a greener practice but also help create the necessary collective momentum for sector-wide transformation.

Material for the site has been drawn from the diverse experiences of the team in creative practice, research and academia, as well as from wider ecological movements, and the work of a great many practitioners and thinkers.

We believe that knowledge should be free so the website content is freely available to read online, contributing to the creative commons.

A place for exchange, shared learning and mutual support.