We’re excited to talk you about Sustainable Theatre: Theory, Context, Practice by Iphigenia Taxopoulou, which was published earlier this year under Bloomsbury’s Methuen Drama imprint.

Covering around three decades of work to green the performing arts sector, it is filled with case studies, including examples from buildings, organisations, and productions. It also provides a great deal of context, from global efforts to address ecological breakdown to some of the challenges that come with working in the performing arts sector. It’s a very accessible read, functioning both as an excellent introduction for those new to the subject as well and as a detailed, example-rich overview for people who are already highly engaged.

We are extremely pleased to be mentioned in the section on ‘Sustainable Production’, under the very pleasing subtitle of ‘Commitment and values’. Ecostage is given as an example of theatre practitioners who have ‘engaged with developing and adopting sustainable practice’, but who are ‘as much concerned with the environmental impacts of their work … as they are motivated by a sense of personal and collective responsibility’. There’s more about our values and our work after that, but we are pleased with that little introductory summary!

In fact, the book acknowledges the work of a great many of the people who have contributed to the change now underway in the theatre world; something we greatly appreciate. This is, after all, a massive team effort. Iphigenia herself  is sustainability consultant, lecturer and educator based in Greece. A founding member and general secretary of the European theatre network mitos21, she’s also an associate partner of Julie’s Bicycle, and deeply involved with global conversations around the subjecting very much part of the movement.

We strongly recommend this book, which you can get direct from Bloomsbury here.