The intersecting Principles identify the seven essential ingredients for holistically sustainable practices. They are both a philosophical framework and an actionable guide. Ensuring all the principles are incorporated from the outset of a process will help you to stay on track. This helps hold the balance of caring for your colleagues, the communities you work in, Nature and the planet, while not losing sight of the importance of radical inclusivity, your own wellbeing, creativity, play and joy.

We’ve created three documents that you can use to support your project and ongoing practice:

  • The At-a-Glance Ecostage Principles Diagram, which you can have on hand to help stay on track, use as a checklist or a discussion point, put on the wall as a reminder, make the basis of a mind map, and identify holes in your sustainable practice and areas to focus on.

  • The Seven Ecostage Principles Overview. This helps you go deeper, breaking each overarching principle down into ideas and possible actions. It can be used in many of the same ways as the Principles Diagram. The Principles Overview also expands the Ecostage Pledge text.

  • The In-Depth Introduction to the Ecostage Principles contains useful ideas, examples, provocations, exercises, team games, actions, things to consider and practical steps to take that place ecological thinking at the heart of creative practices. It is a living document and we welcome all suggestions and feedback.