David Shearing’s work operates as a hybrid between fine art and performance practices.

The Weather Café is an immersive café installation that responds to the changing weather of the city. Inside, the shifting environment evolves as the wind blows, the rain falls and a thick cloud rolls underneath in an ever-changing orchestration of sound and imagery.

Working together with composer James Bulley and creative technologist Daniel Jones, this multimedia artwork brings the weather elements indoors, creating an unusual and surprising experience for passers-by.

From David’s blog:

The foundations of Variable Matter can be found in The Weather Café (2016), a people centred design-led experience developed in Leeds. The project set a blueprint for how we might create an event that the engages with everyday people in questioning our sense of place. Below we present an outline of the project to give a sense of what is possible, and the questions that we feel are important in designing new artistic and co-creation projects in the future.

From: https://www.variablematter.com/the-weather-cafe-an-ecological-approach-to-design/