Artist and performance collective specialising in body base sculpture & costume. They have been collaborating as Brave New Worlds since 2013. Valentina Ceschi is an Italian interdisciplinary artist / performer and Kate Lane is a British interdisciplinary artist/ scenographer. Together they design and make work that sits somewhere between performance & visual art and is interested in the duality of the everyday with the spectacular.


Holt is one of four short films that were created as part of our ‘Greenham’ project, their first experiment in outdoor performance, developed at 101 Outdoor Arts Centre in Newbury, on Greenham Common, the site of the former U.S. military base and world-renowned Greenham Women’s Peace Camp. 

​Performance echoes are part of our exploration into how a performance can exist across multiple platforms. They were created as a way to engage a wider audience online addressing issues around accessibility with live performance

Ceschi + Lane