Tenderfoot Theatre [She/Her]

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Eco-Theatre, sustainable creativity, plant-based productions, sustainable storytelling, sustainable theatre practice.

Can you tell us something about yourself?

Tenderfoot Theatre are a young, queer, and female-led eco-theatre company based in Lancashire. We prioritise sustainable development and planet-friendly creativity in our working model, telling sustainable stories through sustainable theatre-making. Previous methods have included a fully compostable set, home-grown costume made from kombucha tea SCOBY, and biodegradable marketing materials. Official partners of SustainNET. Projects: Stop the World, We're Getting Off (2022) Touring production currently at the Edinburgh Fringe, exploring population anxiety and the hope we can find in building community. IMPACT (2021) A bedtime story for our future children, devised as part of the Climate Change Theatre Action Festival 2021, included an 800L fully compostable installation set aimed at reconnecting the audience with the outdoor world. The Waste Wall (2020) A 7ft Instagram backdrop made of a month of household recycling, created as part of the Sustainability Fair at Edge Hill University.

What was the turning point when you became ecologically aware and decided to take action?

For us, the ecological awareness came during our first year as students at Edge Hill University. As young, developing theatre makers, we looked at the industry ahead of us and wondered how it could be made better for the next generation. Tenderfoot was developed as a response to the waste we saw, with an aim to be a part of the change both within our industry in developing sustainable practices, but within our community by sharing the stories our planet really needs.

Case Studies
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