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Can you tell us something about yourself?

30+Years as running business as Justin Illusions as a professional Sculptor, Designer, prop and Model maker, Set constructor, painter, Illustrator, Photographer, Director and Originator.

What was the turning point when you became ecologically aware and decided to take action?

The decision for action and the action is always taken, but with difficulty and some failings from the start of my career over 30 years ago. I have always been turning against the tide, perhaps all my life, often failing, as the non ecological is pervasive and often seduces me with the materials I grew experience to, in my education and industry apprenticeship, when my finances are low. I have always saved all my waste materials to recycle in the next job, but my stores are large and hard for others to understand what looks like rubbish is a well organized bank of things for the next miniature or monster commission, that walks through the door.

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